Border St Byron Bay By Workroom

Workroom’s approach focuses on a combined sense of wonder and awareness, details that undoubtedly informed Border Street’s immersive connection to the natural beauty of its ocean setting. The five-suite home features open-plan living centred on a state-of-the-art kitchen with a Super White Dolomite island bench. A private main wing features a dehumidified dressing room and a marble ensuite with heated flooring. A separate self-contained guestroom and nanny quarters each have a private entry. A media room with a glass-wrapped ocean-view sunroom and gymnasium, as well as an observation deck with panoramic views across Byron Bay, is also central to its allure of sanctuary and relaxation.

The brief was simple: to create a home that felt like a beach house. “Byron is a special place – it’s relaxed, there is never a sense of urgency about anything,” says John Bornas, creative director at Workroom. “The client wanted a house that reflected and promoted this but also presented a sense of refinement. They wanted a strong connection to its unique environment, with the house being very much a part of it … not shunning it or turning away from it.”

Kaye 7591 LRThis connection to the landscape is key to Border Street’s unpretentious expression of coastal luxury and overall design. The home sits on a dune that separates the ocean from the road and fronts onto Belongil Beach, bound by a littoral rainforest. “This makes this environment incredibly sensitive … the design had to be very carefully controlled to ensure there was no effect on the delicate forest,” says John. As it is a short walk along the sand to the heart of Byron Bay, the home also reveals glimpses of Julian Rocks and the historic Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the ocean, Workroom’s design seeks to connect to the stunning environment while also providing an inviting refuge. “Byron’s climate played a key role in how the house is experienced,” says John. “Essentially, the house is a series of pavilions that hold specific programs, with the spaces in between becoming both the connection between the spaces and the general convivial spaces of the house … there are basically no corridors.” The mood of Border Street therefore does not feel at all precious – rather it is open, comfortable and generous.

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The material palette was also instrumental in achieving this sentiment. “There were competing elements that we wanted to harness together,” says John. “On the one hand, the house had to be warm, familiar, textural, tactile and comfortable. On the other, maintenance in that environment is a big concern, so materials needed to be incredibly tough and resilient.” The result was a combination of robust materials that provide longevity and softer materials that provide balance.

Porcelain sheets clad the entirety of the house both inside and out, complemented by blackbutt batten ceilings by Mortlock Timber, vein-cut travertine and timber. Facing the harshest weather elements, porcelain on the exterior forms an impenetrable facade, while timber counters this impermeability. Similarly, “timber allows the house to age – the intent is to allow it to grey over time, meaning maintenance is less of an issue and reduces the chances of creating a sterile building that looks frozen in time,” says John. “When designed well, a building’s age can add another layer to its appeal.”

Kaye 7415 LREvident in this consideration of durable materials, Workroom crafts a sustainable home in both its construction as well as the conservation of its pristine landscape. “Our approach to sustainability has longevity as a key component,” says John. “We work with companies that not only resource their products responsibly but understand that crafting a product that will last generations dramatically increases its lifecycle, reducing its environmental impact.”

Workroom’s sophisticated and genuine approach also reflects a broader theme – Byron Bay’s growing reputation as a beach town that effortlessly encapsulates elevated coastal living. As such, despite its size and awe-inspiring ability, Border Street is an enduring home that provides a promising benchmark for the Byron Bay locale for many years to come.

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Words By The Local Project

Architect & Interior Design | Workroom
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Fabricator | European Window Co.
Photographer | Timothy Kaye