Canopy House

Enlivened by the changing conditions of the natural landscape to which it is grafted, Canopy House is a sculpted response to place, carefully choreographed as a series of light and spatial events.

The site’s cascading topography provides an opportunity to experience the surroundings at multiple levels. At ground level, the thud of the earth is evident, with the progression through the central and upper floors leaving the user floating amongst the tree canopies.

Powell Glenn YarraGrove 4

The clients’ interest in mindfulness and the open-air concrete architecture of South America inspired the design team to consider a restful architecture combining interior and exterior in a singular gesture. With an active family lifestyle, the clients sought intuitive spaces to come together, while affording privacy and solitude for each individual.

Powell Glenn YarraGrove 24

In response to the chaos of the garden, the house employs bold, clean lines, layering raw concrete and steel with soft, textured materials to create a refined interior. Elements such as fireplaces, banquette seating the bar and the lift were integrated into the architectural language of the interiors to maintain a quiet, harmonious relationship between the interior spaces, architecture, and garden, and nurture a relaxed living environment.

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Architect | Powell & Glenn
Builder | Visioneer Builders
Fabricator | European Window Co.
Supplier | Thermeco
Photographer | Sharyn Cairns 

Words by Powell & Glenn

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