Designing Windows For Meaningful Living

While window design in Europe has taken leaps forward in both manufacturing & design, today’s broader window industry struggles to match the quality of European systems. It seems we are still leaning towards 20th century trends of unsustainable production & idle design.

Thermeco’s vision is for all windows to open up a meaningful connection between people & planet. We deliver this by designing window systems that balance both a meaningful living experience with sustainable production.

At the heart of our business lay our world-leading window systems. Our products offer the perfect balance of practicality, beauty and efficiency - maximising experience & style, minimising environmental footprint and maintaining optimum performance.

As a family business, we have a strong connection with our history and pride for our product, but are a business that learns and operates in a way that is conducive to the new evolution of organisations.

Our purpose of designing for meaningful living extends beyond windows. Thermeco is an organisation that seeks to provide meaning to all our stakeholders, both internal & external:

We design the best product - to both sustain living and maximise the living experience of our customers.
We empower our staff, providing them with opportunities to live & work meaningfully.
We use business to inspire this industry - driving product standards & advocating for positive change.
We cause no unnecessary harm to the environment, creating products that are both sustainable in fabrication and lifespan.


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