Inside Dirk Ceyssenns' Showhome

Dirk Ceyssens, one of Keller minimal windows® clients, opens the doors to his home and with it an outstanding Showhouse, located in Heusden-Zolder, in Belgium.

Keller minimal windows®, a leading global designer and manufacturer of innovative, virtually frameless, aluminum window and door systems, shares the first film in a series dedicated to the customers personalities and their stories of creating projects.

Behind every architectural project is a story, and behind the story is a person.


Dirk manages the Glass Group Ceyssens, which is constantly pushing the boundaries of the use of glass in the modern architecture and has been a major player on the international market for several years now as a passionate innovator.

The idea of his state-of-the-art villa is not only for Dirk and his family and friends to enjoy connecting the living space with the surrounding landscape and taking in as much light as possible, but also to show his clients what frameless glass and minimal windows® technologies are possible today.

- What ideas were behind the choice of minimal aluminum glazing that slips into the depths of the floor?

- What architectural impression is given by panoramic sliding 4-meter-high glass panels opening in the corner, in front of a huge light-lit swimming pool?

- What atmosphere reigns in the Ceyssens Showhouse, unique in the Belgium region in terms of space and modern architectural solutions?

Dirk talks about it for minimal windows® lovers.

Products used in Dirk Ceyssens' Showhouse:

- Double-glazed 4-meter-high Keller minimal windows® system, a virtually frameless, easy-to-operate aluminum sliding window system, with a greatly-reduced 21 mm leaf profile.

- Keller minimal windows® highline solutions combine ultra-slim aluminum profiles with fixed glass elements for large, aesthetically appealing glass-only facades.

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