Thermeco Presents Slimline

We are proud to present to you our brand new Slimline Sliding Door. The Slimline has been created after many years of design and supply of window systems in the market. We have evolved by listening to what our clients who have been looking for the latest most cutting-edge minimal sliding door. We wanted to come up with a system that was much more advanced in its overall technology, functionality and design.

The Slimline is engineered for strength and reliability without compromising the sleek and slim look of the frame. This allows for less visual obstruction and greater views to be welcomed and enjoyed from within the home, enhancing that indoor and outdoor connection.

We have created a system to give our architects and clients endless design flexibility including multiple track options, huge weight capacities and opening configurations. The hardware is custom made, the stainless steel track was introduced as the aluminium track is was not durable enough to cope with heavier weight capacity of the door design. This new track allows for a very comfortable sliding action no matter how large the panels are.

Cost was another main consideration when creating the Slimline. We wanted to develop a budget friendly system that was appealing not only in design and functionality, but also in price. We are proud that the Slimline is designed, made and tested in Melbourne, Australia, giving our clients trust and confidence when selecting this door for their new home. This door has also been BAL-40 tested making it an ideal option when building in high bush fire prone areas.

Here at Thermeco we are all about creating a meaningful connection, the Slimline sliding door achieves just that and much more. It's the pinnacle of many years’ experience rolled into this latest product and is one of the finest systems we have created to date.

Geoff Costabile Thermeco Slimline

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For the EC115TB Slimline Specification sheet CLICK HERE

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