Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

The Biennale in Venice is a very well known-architectural event in Europe.

For the first time the Vatican had a pavilion, which was an open space into a garden in the beautiful Island of San Giorgio, normally closed for visitors. For his pavilion, the Vatican asked 10 important international architects to design a “chapel” which would be placed in the garden and each architect searched for a company to build this chapel.

03 Vatican Chapels Carla Juacaba Federico Cairoli4
Secco Sistemi built one of them, building a structure using 4 polished stainless steel beans, 8 meter long, connected one to the other without any visible screws, brackets or any other junction.
The pure, essential lines evoke a space that is both abstract and metaphysical and immerged in green. Secco Sistemi created the structure – 4 eight-meter long beams – in the shiny, elegant material of stainless steel.


The metal reflects and amplifies the colors and light of the woods around it, almost as if it were only highlighting its own shadow on the grass in the clearing. The attention paid to the constructive detail plays a decisive role in the effectiveness of the work: with the perfect equilibrium of the few elements, the craftsmanship is impeccable.

01 Vatican Chapels Carla Juacaba Federico Cairoli

 Congratulations Secco! 

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