Outward Opening Window 3D Views

Size and Variations

OS2 is a rebated system with 46mm face lateral sections and 62mm central section.

Lateral section| frame section 62mm

Central section | frame section 62mm

Bottom rail | frame section 54mm Transom/Mullion | frame section from 36mm


Vitruvio handles are available in paintable raw, burnished, chrome polished and polished brass. 

The medium cut square version is also available in corten steel. 

Small cut round

h.116 | d.12 m

Small sphere round

h.116 | d.12mm

Small cut square

h.116 | l.12mm


h.116 | d.15mm


h.80 | l.30mm

Glazing Beads

The range of glazing beads allows for different internal frame looks according to 

architectural needs.

Squared Grooved Triangular


Two and three-wing hinges are adjustable and are supplied in galvanized steel, stainless steel,

burnished stainless steel and corten steel. Weld-on hinges are in galvanized steel.

The following models are adjustable: h.80|d.13mm and h.116|d.16mm.

Weld-on hinge


d.10 /13/16mm

Two-wing hinge

h.81 | d.12mm

Three-wing hinge

h.90 | d.15mm


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