Visual Engineering

The world’s most advanced window.

The stunning lines of all Thermeco windows hide a number of unique technologies that make our windows some of the most advanced in the world. All our components are precision engineered in Germany and Italy to the highest tolerances, guaranteeing absolute performance.

Flexible glazing pockets

A choice of glazing pocket sizes can easily accommodate single, double or triple glazing in a range of glass thicknesses to achieve your thermal and acoustic requirements.

Central gasket

Our seals are made from high quality EPDM rubber that is UV resistant and will never experience shrinkage. These gaskets guarantee water and air tightness.

Overlap gasket

Made from EPDM rubber, our overlap gaskets provide high levels of protection against wind and water penetration.

Frame infill

Made from tough EPDM rubber, our frame infills prevent water pooling in the sill and cavity for extremely long life.

Aluminium frames

Our aluminum profiles are made from high quality 6060 grade aluminum and are suitable for anodising or powder coating. They’re designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, including sea spray.


Our hinges are manufactured from high quality stainless steel for maximum strength and performance. They are also whisper quiet.


All of Thermeco'’s accessories have been designed to seamlessly integrate with our window systems and are manufactured from premium grade materials for maximum performance, reliability and safety.