BAL40 Testing

Living in or close to forests or up the mountains surrounded by acres of trees and nature is a very common and beautiful way of living in Australia. However, with this comes the worry of bushfires. So many Australian homes are prone to bushfires especially in the summer season and although it's important to have a fire plan, it is equally important to build a home that will protect and keep you and your family safe in case of a bushfire.

If you live or ever plan to live in a bushfire fire prone area it is important to consider the following when building your house:

  • Use suitable building materials
  • Ensure vegetation is properly managed around the home
  • Make sure water stations are easily accessible 
  • Easy access paths to allow emergency vehicles and safe exit

Thermeco is committed to ensuring all our systems comply to the relevant standards and regulations and undertakes regular testing programs. Recently, Thermeco undertook further BAL40 testing to include our thermally broken window and door systems as well as increasing their size capabilities. The results of these tests were very exciting and enable our clients to specify and use Thermeco products in BAL zones up to BAL40 with limited restrictions and increased panel size capacities well beyond current industry norms.

These increased glazed panel sizes will offer our clients greater freedom and flexibility when it comes to designing and building their ideal homes in often beautiful but hostile BAL40 zoned locations.

We will be posting the official test results when available in the New Year. Stay tuned.


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