Bird House in Mallorca

It really doesn't get much better than this. This incredible Bird House in Mallorca, Spain is perfectly situation on the edge of a cliff allowing guests to indulge in the sweet serenity of the deep blue water of the Mediterranean sea.

Seen from above, this amazing villa looks like a giant bird, its wings spread out wide as if prepared for flight. But it's the property's fabulous features that really amaze. The architect Alberto Rubio must have had bright flashes of inspiration. The villa itself is all soft, sensual, sweeping curves with bright spacious interiors and exteriors where you can relax and admire the stunning views over the sea. The design makes the most of the lovely natural daylight throughout. The luxurious, open-plan interior is decorated in a contemporary bright white theme.

KELLER minimal windows® were installed throughout this grand project. The minimal frames and huge glass lights really create a spectacular feel and allow the magnificent views to be seen at their best. 

Take a look at this video of the famous Bird House.
It truly showcases just how amazing and detailed the design and build really is. 



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Architect: Alberto Rubio