Blairgowrie Project

The Block favourites Dan Reilly and Dani Wales from Red Door Project are building their dream home in beautiful Blairgowrie. Blairgowrie is a seaside town in Metropolitan Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula and our Victorian licensee Element Windows have been selected to manufacture and install all of the thermally broken Thermeco windows and doors. 

The progress of this project has been filmed and captured by Visual Domain who are producing a web series showcasing the whole project from start to finish! 

We recently spoke with Dan and Dani about their progress on the project and this is what they had to say...

Your design inspiration:
The environment was a big source of inspiration for the project. Whilst we wanted to ensure the house was unique, it also needed to “fit in”, if that makes sense. We also took a modernist approach on the built form as well, so components of the structure are position at 90 degrees to each other with an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines. Our impact, in an environmental sense, was also at the forefront of the design and specification of all materials.

The location: 
The location is literally a dream. We are approximately 400m from Blairgowrie back beach (open ocean) and can the hear the waves crashing from site. The dirt roads (some of the last in the area) also drew us to the specific location.

Is this your house to live in?
Yes it is. When we first purchase the site and started planning, it was only ever going to be our holiday home but our intentions changed in late 2019 and we decided we’d actually live there. This prompted a major re-design to ensure it fit our way of life now and into the future.

Why  Thermeco windows?
We’ve always been very passionate about the Thermeco product range and always hoped there would be an opportunity to use Thermeco windows in our own home one day. The thermally broken element is a huge one for us and ties in perfectly with our desired efficiencies. The frame profiles are also a step above the rest!

What are you most excited about with this project?
The fact that its actually happening. Sounds odd but we’ve been planning this one for so long and hit so many road blocks along the way so the fact that is finally being built and will be finished in a few short months blows my mind! Specifically though, the sunken lounge is definitely going to be my most frequented space in the home. The oversized window to the front (north/west), fireplace and well just everything, is literally a dream come true!

Last words?
Just how grateful we have to be working with Eugene and the Element team… what a crew!


We can't wait to share the finished project with you!