Gathering House

Boldly sweeping across its site, Gathering House epitomises its name, featuring moments that encourage both connections between occupants and with the surrounds. Inarc Architects uses both linear and curved forms in the design of the home, which allows it to seamlessly merge with the site, softly buffering the threshold between the architecture and landscape.

Gathering House takes musings from its site’s ability to foster socialisation and large-scale gatherings. Using the architecture as a vehicle for this togetherness, Inarc Architects creates a balance between open and closed gestures, embracing the surrounding landscape and bringing the natural elements into the everyday. The subtle arched forms of the masonry create a welcoming façade that softens the transition between inside and out, with the size of the form also adding drama to the overall silhouette in the process.

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The two-storey home is designed to optimise the features of the site, with openings that align with the landscape to connect to even the most private areas within. The ebb and flow of the floor plan accommodates the myriad of familial happenings across the day, weaving together art, architecture and living into a harmonious and balanced narrative. Located within a neighbourhood characterised by a tapestry of varying stylistic approaches, and with a heavy presence of high-fenced enclosures and imposing hedges, there is a deliberate intention to reduce the impact on the streetscape. With flowing lines softly ushering movement, the aim was to extend a warm presence that blurred the lines between public and private.

With tones such as stone, oak and warm muted whites, the overall feeling created is one of calm, with the landscape further emphasising a slowing of pace. Bringing together the elegance and energy needed for the family home to remain timeless and endure over the coming years, Inarc Architects crafts the residence as an expression of its owners. The dwelling feels both intentional and open to interpretation, which is achieved through an underlying adaptability in the planning and a sense of familiarity. Moveable walls redefine functions – such as in the effortless shift from study to guest bedroom or from dining room to expansive kitchen – catering to daily rituals and leaving the choice up to the user.

At its core, Gathering House embodies the concept of permeability and adaptability. Inarc Architects seamlessly guides the functionality of the home with a flexible spatial composition that continuously connects to the enveloping garden oasis.

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Words by The Local Project

Architect | Inarc Architects
Builder | Leone Construction
Fabricator | Element Windows
Supplier | Thermeco
Photographer | Timothy Kaye