Huntingtower Road

Envisioned by architectural developer Orchard Piper, Huntingtower Road offers beautifully proportioned homes in the heart of Armadale. In collaboration with Jolson architects and Myles Baldwin Design landscape architects, this rare property comprises ten finely detailed homes surrounded by greenery.

The robust and sculptured architecture creates a perfect cohesive combination throughout the whole property. Each of the ten homes exhibits a common theme of contemporary elegance which is complimented by the neutral colour palate. The use of steel windows echo the arched openings highlighting the clean and bright exterior while setting a light and airy mood for the internal living spaces.

Our Victorian Fabricator, European Window Co. (EWC), was proud to be involved with this landmark project. The Secco Steel Lift and Slide doors were installed selectively throughout the project, allowing for ample natural light to flood into the homes. The contrast between the traditional square frames and the contemporary arched openings sets this project apart from many others. All windows are thermally broken and double glazed making this building sustainable and minimises overall environmental footprint, while maximising comfort, style and practicality.

Huntingtower Road is another perfect example of how Thermeco enhances peoples connection to our planet.

 TH FLUX Huntingtower 809TH FLUX Huntingtower 753TH FLUX Huntingtower 298TH FLUX Huntingtower 67TH FLUX Huntingtower 87Huntingtower 99Huntingtower 63



Developer: Orchard Piper
Architect: Jolson
Builder: Flux Construction
Window Fabricator: European Window Co.
Window System: Secco Sitemi
Window Supplier: Thermeco
Photographer: Tom Hutton
Landscape: Myles Baldwin
Stylist: Karin Bochnik