Lumi Collection // ACT

Our Licensee Ultimate Windows located in the Australian Capital Territory,  have been exceptionally busy since November last year. They have a major project underway for the Lumi Collection which consists 145 apartments between 2 Towers with a combined 20 levels!

The building form of Lumi has been derived by an intention to retain and celebrate the existing 300 year old yellow box eucalyptus tree, which is the main existing landscape feature of the site.

Tower 2 (T2), the smaller 7 storey building, is approximately the same height as the magnificent tree yet maintains a healthy and respectful distance from the root and canopy zone. The T2 building form embraces the presence of the tree and creates a strong connection between built form and landscape.

The taller building Tower 1 (T1), further embraces the smaller T2 building with a similar plan form creating a cohesive urban and site response. A further advantage of the embracing building forms is they significantly increase the amount of apartments to gain good north orientation and views to Yerrabi pond.

Ultimate Windows are manufacturing and installing a huge total of 839 frames for the whole Lumi Collection, all Thermeco thermally broken, double glazed units in our EC95TB (Sliding door) and EC85TB (Super Thermal) systems. While it's been a big job, they are seeing much progress and success with hopes to have T2 fully glazed by the end of March.

So far, they have fabricated half the number of windows for the job which is over 400 frames! They are all with minimum 8-star energy rating, some over 9! Thermeco windows were chosen for the project as our products retain some of the best U-Values on the market creating excellent insulation and thermal performance as well as superior noise reduction. This allows for comfortable living and significant reduction in energy bills. Not only is this great for the hip-pocket but more importantly for the good of our environment which is what the Lumi Collection is all about.

These images are of the construction and the display suite which showcases what the Lumi Collection will be when completed. 
We are looking forward for the rest of the Lumi journey, Tye and the team at Ultimate Windows are doing us proud and we can't wait for the finale!



Lumi 2Lumi 6Lumi 11

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