Melbourne Project

There is more than meets the eye when looking at the concrete facade of this Melbourne home. A neat and minimal design that keeps the rest of the home quite private. The combination of horizontal and vertical lines created with large concrete walls and windows is what makes this suburban home a real stand out. When you walk through the front door, you will see why.180426 Salmon Avenue 1586

The side and rear walls of the house are predominately made up of super oversized windows and doors that seamlessly wrap around the build granting an abundance of natural light into the home. It also allows for the entire outdoor area including the luxurious pool and fire pit to be enjoyed from the comfort of inside the home.180426 Salmon Avenue 1572

The main attraction of the living area is the 4 metre high, double bi-parting Lift and Slide doors. Building the Lift and Slide doors to this size was a unique request that had never before been specified from a client. This project was unique and challenging but together with European Window Co, we were willing to meet and accomplish the clients vision of their dream home.180426 Salmon Avenue 1512

The double glazed units, both huge and heavy, were another challenge faced for this project. Given the orientation of the house and the size of the glass, the glass had to be craned into position over the dwelling to enable a clear, safe, accessible and successful installation. 

180426 Salmon Avenue 1497

Since the home is predominately glass, our team were kept extremely busy perfecting the immense detail throughout this project: very specific head heights, steel columns that needed to line up with mullions, custom drain systems on the Lift and Slide and rebated sills that portray the minimal look. 180426 Salmon Avenue 64

Even though Our Thermeco aluminium Lift and Slide Doors are XXL, they still comfortably retain a 6 star energy rating and low U-Values, thanks to our well designed thermal break system and double glazing unit.

180426 Salmon Avenue 0465180426 Salmon Avenue 1126180426 Salmon Avenue 236

DEVELOPER: Steven Tilovski
FABRICATOR: European Window Co.
SYSTEM: Thermeco
PHOTOGRAPHER: Peter Bennetts Photography

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