Moat's Corner

Floating effortlessly above the previous home’s footprint, this modern contemporary home is nestled among an established 5 acres of landscaped gardens which form part of the 53 acre Mornington Peninsula site. Named after the original pioneering family, Moat’s Corner’s new residence have payed respect to the sites long rural history and the sprawling array of flora which has taken 70 years to establish.

Applying the various windows systems supplied through Thermeco, European Window Co. was instrumental in creating and fabricating an effortless look and function of the large fixed and sliding glass doors and windows used throughout the home.Capture1

It was Vibe Design Group's vision to incorporate massive spans of glazing with minimal aluminium visible - this led to a very collaborative and extensive construction shop drawing process.
The large openings for the windows were fully catered for in the building structure with an intricate roof beam and column layout design. The windows and doors formed the cladding to a good portion of the dwelling with all function and framework hidden within the construction itself, even when the structure was limited.

20190220 VDG WhiteHillRd 188
All windows and doors are completely customised, pushing the systems to their absolute limits in order to create full visual impact and functionality yet still obtaining effective energy ratings. The use of Thermally Broken frames and Low-E double glazing throughout, is what makes for a completely sustainable living environment and adding to an extremely energy efficient home.

20190220 VDG WhiteHillRd 0610

The new residence features also include concealed motorisation of the KELLER minimal windows® 4+ systems which are up to 500kg per pane. Also, in abundance were detailed framework hidden within cabinetry, cladding and stonework with motorised operable sashes around custom joinery. These frames were cleverly recessed into the surrounding structure and operated with specifically sourced specialised motorised winders from Italy.

20190220 VDG WhiteHillRd 436

Moat’s Corner is as much functional as it is observational. The limitless selection of huge windows and doors grants maximum view to the endless surrounding green gardens, constantly reflecting natures moods and connecting people to planet.

20190220 VDG WhiteHillRd 0053

Designer: Vibe Design Group
Builder: Icon Synergy
Photographer: Jack Lovel
Fabricator: European Window Co.
Supplier: Thermeco

KELLER minimal windows® 4+
KELLER minimal windows® Standard
Thermeco EC85TB
Thermeco EC65TB – Slim Line
Thermeco EC35TB