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The brief for Silver Linings was very particular and one that required extreme discipline and restraint, a restricted but robust and raw material palette, to be limited in complexity but defiant in individual character and charm. The clients aim was to maximise view and avoid cumbersome heavy window frames that would distract from those incredible ocean views. A vision to maximise glass whilst still maintaining effective energy ratings and strong thermal performance. 

Rachcoff Vella Silver Linings Tatjana Plitt 2025

On a bespoke architectural residence like this aesthetics are everything so the frames, glazing and operation had to undergo a rigorous testing process. Our KELLER minimal window® frames were the most minimal Rachcoff Vella Architecture could find and a system that could be highly integrated into their architecture, even the colour selection had to work with the overall design ethos.

This project required intense detailing and a sound knowledge of the products to allow for integration of KELLER minimal windows® fly doors within cavities, curtains, roller & external venetian blinds as well as built-in security, electric locks and keypads. Using the KELLER minimal windows® products meant sliding doors were used as windows which works fantastically avoiding horizontal transoms or segmented windows allowing for uninterrupted floor to ceiling glass.

In combination with this, the use of 6mm Clear Lightbridge glass was fitting to ensure minimal colour tint that would not disrupt the silver-grey aesthetic. Along with our thermally broken frames, all double-glazed units have 20mm air spacer which provides optimum noise reduction and superior thermal benefits contributing a well-sustained and healthy home.

RachcoffVella Silver Linings Tatjana Plitt 1386

Thermeco were heavily involved in the design and detailing of the frames and their integration into the concrete and timber structure. Without the craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise offered by our Victorian Licensee European Window Co. who manufactured and installed the project it would not have been such a success. The result is a well-integrated series of windows and doors that become one with the architecture and appear seamless. 

RachcoffVella Silver Linings Tatjana Plitt 760


Architect: Rachcoff Vella Architecture
Builder: Koorool Constructions
Window Supplier: Thermeco
Window Fabricator: European Window Co.
Window System: KELLER minimal windows®
Photographer: Tatjana Plitt


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