Reflecting on 2020

It's hard to believe that this year has almost come to an end. No one knew or was prepared for the great challenges that came our way, but we all worked together, adapted, persisted and now enjoying life's simple pleasures.

Here at Thermeco we were fortunate enough to continue trading with minor disruptions. The Thermeco train continued to whistle, achieving many milestones and memories.

If you have been following our journey, the most prominent milestone was the launch of our new Slimline sliding door. This system has been a few years in the making and has been tested to Australian standards and BAL-40 certified. 
We have received an overwhelming response to the Slimline and it's rapidly becoming the most sort after system. To discover more about the Slimline click here.

At the beginning of 2020 we shared very exciting plans for Thermeco HQ which included a whole re-development of our showroom and offices. We have teamed together with Rachcoff Vella Architects and designed Thermeco's new world class headquarters. A very exciting and bright future ahead for the Thermeco team, partners, fabricators and our facilities. If you missed this, you can see the exciting plans here.

This year has been pivotal in our expansion across the ditch to the New Zealand market. We welcomed a new fabricator and have a hand-full of impressive projects currently on-the-go with more on the horizon. There has been a significant gap in the market and a demand for high quality and thermally broken window and door systems and we are proud that Thermeco is quickly becoming the supplier of choice.  

It's been a big year to say the least, a rollercoaster for everyone across the globe. We are feeling positive, eager and motivated for 2021! 


Some more high lights from 2020:

The biggest door EVER!
French Renaissance Melbourne Mansion
Huntingtower Rd Project

Thermeco Presents Slimline

The biggest door EVER!