Secco Galvanised Steel Windows Tested To Australian Standards

In December we tested our Italian Secco galvanised steel window in both fixed and casement configuration.

It’s essential to conduct testing because Secco has tested the product based on European standards but we must test to the Australian standard AS2047 to ensure we meet Australian regulations. Any product that comes in from overseas must be tested to Australian standards for compliance. The testing methods are, Structural Deflection, Air Infiltration, Operating Force, Water Penetration Resistance and Ultimate Strength test performance requirements to clause 2.3 of the Australian standard to AS2047-2014 and test procedures to Australian standard AS2240-1996.

We achieved a general rating of N5, which means we can put this window on most windy coasts and it will still perform perfectly and will still outlast any storm!
From an energy performance point of view, because of the thermal break within the galvanised steel, the multi point locking system and triple seal, we are able to achieve extremely low results which are shown below!

Steel U and SHGC2

We always test our products to Australian standards which makes us a brand you can trust with confidence.  
We are very pleased with the outcome!

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