Secco Launches Zerø Gravity

Our Italian Steel & Brass supplier Secco has recently launched a brand new sliding system... Zerø Gravity!

To free a door or window from its weight and make it float in the air, sliding without frictions, the best solution is that of magnetic levitation. Wanting to apply this technology without resorting to electrical energy, Secco identified a patent by Ironlev®, a peculiar geometry of passive magnets for lifting large masses along a thin track.

Just as a ship floats in the water, so the ØG® lift-and-slide door or window fluctuate in the air, freed from its weight it flows effortlessly, slowed down only by the inertia of its mass. The naturalness and power of magnets give to the simple gesture of man, to lift and slide a sash of enormous dimensions, an unexpected force, perfect, without noise, without electricity.

Passive magnetic levitation system, with Ironlev® technology, for the movement of lift-and-slide doors. 

ØG® [zerø gravity] consists of a levitation unit recessed into the floor made of a sliding rail, the Ironlev® magnetic pads and a connection beam to the sash frame. The system is accessible for maintenance through removable capping profiles that can be fitted with the same finishes of the floor for a perfect continuity between internal and external floorings. 

Only an 8 mm gap, sealed with brushes, remains visible along the all length of the door, completely flush, avoiding any possible tripping. Along the upper track the ØG® system is fitted with mechanisms to counteract the lifting thrust of the magnets and then lower the sash providing locking and tightness. The system does not require electricity, it works manually even with great weights, up to 1000 kg.

Congratulations Secco!

To learn more about Zero Gravity by Secco Click HERE.