Secco Headquarters // Italy

Corten Steel
The resistance of corten steel to corrosion is 6-8 times higher compared to traditional steels, as well as featuring double resistance to tensile strength, thus allowing the realization of high-performing fixtures of large dimensions and weight while maintaining the thinness of the sections.

Special alloys obtained with copper, chrome and phosphorus, corten steels have the characteristic of self-protection with a patina on the surface that prevents corrosion from spreading and which gradually takes on colours and shades evoking the passing of time.
Technological innovation and skill in interpreting the trends in contemporary architecture have led Secco Sistemi to be the first to use corten steel in the production of fixtures: elegant high-performing profiles, available in the 12 product lines and complete with accessories, can be realized also in corten steel with the desired finish and chromatic effect.


Here we share with you the impressive Secco Headquarters in Treviso, Italy. Secco's Corten Steel has been used for their windows, doors and cladding.


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