The Biggest Door Ever!

We have a project in Sydney currently underway which consists of two very big KELLER 4+ sliding doors, the doors are thermally broken and are double glazed. With some customisation, we were confident we could make the 6m x 6m KELLER 4+ doors to that size, however there was some concern whether the doors would easily slide without motorization assistance.

The ultra-minimal yet extra-large frame needs to be strong enough to not only safely hold the 700kg sashses but also withstand maximum wind load and water penetration required for the location.
We made this prototype in our factory to ensure that the manufacturing was perfect. The completed sliding door was successful and does not require motors for opening and closing. The 2 x KELLER 4+ sliding doors will be reconstructed on site along with 7 other KELLER minimal windows® doors on the project looking over Sydney Harbour.



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