The Thermeco Showroom

Over many months of planning, designing, manufacturing and executing we are thrilled to present to you our upgraded and renovated Thermeco Showroom!

All of our products are functional and on display. On the ground floor we have our Thermeco top hung slider, EC45TB hinged door and our Secco Brass display which presents both square and triangle bead options which each achieve very specific looks depending on personal taste. We love brass for its high resistance to corrosion together with the richness of the burnished brass, unique for the colour and sheen, reflections and tones. Thermeco 9Thermeco 8Thermeco 12Thermeco 20

Rather than a standard showroom set up, it was our goal to achieve the luxurious feeling of a home. Once up on the first floor we have clearly thought out the design to best display our products from KELLER minimal windows® and Secco Steel as well as incorporating our Thermeco aluminium systems.

The first main impression is the large Secco galvanised steel fixed panels and french doors that lead into our dining room. Due to the physical and technical properties of steel, thin, strong and high-performing profiles can be obtained which allow for maximum versatility in the design of the fixture while reducing the visual impact; the result is a lightness and transparency that provides elevated luminosity in the interiors. With large glass lights, modern contemporary style and minimal frame, our Secco steel display showcases the beauty and elegance that steel windows and doors can achieve.

Thermeco 1

Thermeco 18

Thermeco 17

Also displayed is our Thermeco aluminium EC95TB stacking sliding door which opens from either end and our classic Thermeco aluminium 5 panel bi-fold door - a great option for connecting spaces and large openings, in this instance seamlessly connecting our dining room to our lounge room.

Thermeco 16Thermeco 15

The main attraction in the lounge room space is our 4.8 x 2.8m 220kg 2 panel KELLER minimal windows® sliding door which slides open with ease. The large-scale, frameless double-glazed sliding windows and doors in insulating glass allow comfortable, easy-action and silent opening and closure of the thermally-broken transparent surfaces.

Thermeco 21

Thermeco 13

Thermeco 19

Other features include our large Thermeco EC85TB fixed and outwkard opening OS Savio casement window, tilt and turn window and standard awning window.

We are proud of how our showroom has come together and the feeling it gives. It's a calm, inviting, luxurious environment that we love sharing with our clients.