Thermeco Loves Steel Windows

You may have seen some serious home inspo floating about on your Instagram feed lately with the majority featuring beautiful steel windows which we are absolutely loving.

This attractive and elegant window type is modern and super strong. In fact, steel is 3 times stronger than aluminium. This advantage allows the use of huge glass light while maintaining narrow sightlines. We especially love floor to ceiling steel window styles, creating a dramatic feature in any space. The clean vertical and horizontal lines give a very architectural and luxurious feel allowing any room in your house to frame the outside beauty perfectly.

There are numerous designs and sizes available and they are very easy to clean and maintain, making them a fantastic option for any type of home.

At Thermeco, we pride ourselves on being partners with one of the worlds best steel window suppliers Secco Sistemi. With 70 years experience, Secco Sistemi is the leading Italian brand in the production of integrated systems for windows and doors in galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten and brass. At Thermeco, we also offer these products in Thermal Break. Click here to find out more.

Steel windows