Thermeco's Expanded BAL-40 Range

Each Summer in Australia we are reminded of the devastating reality of what bush fire attacks can do to our homes, our land and our communities.
With climate change rapidly evolving and amplifying this risk, the importance of building a safe and sustainable home is more crucial than ever. 

 Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) - 40 (Very High)

BAL—40 is primarily concerned with protection of your building from ember attack and burning debris ignited by wind borne embers and exposure to a high level of radiant heat up to and including 40 kW/m2. To comply with the Building Code of Australia, your construction or complying development certificate plans must include details of the building construction relevant to the level of bushfire.

Thermeco has expanded it's range of certified BAL40 tested and compliant on both our non-thermal and thermally broken window systems (except EC55 & EC55TB (bi-fold)).

This new compliance means we still need to screen any operable windows like awnings or casements but we no loner need to screen any sliding doors, side hung doors or fixed windows no matter their location in the building. By using 6mm toughened double glazing in our frames, we can have windows and doors up to 3.0m2 in height and up to 6m2 in glazing panel sizes.

We no longer have to use expensive fire rated glass as per our previous BAL40 certification. 

For those who are looking at building in fire prone areas or needing to re-build due to losing their homes in bush fire attacks, we strongly suggest using BAL-40 rated windows in your new home.