Vista Grove by Demaine Partnership

Nestled in the prestigious enclave of Toorak, Melbourne, stands a masterpiece of architectural opulence designed by Demaine Partnership, crafted by Davies Henderson and interiors by David Hicks. This luxurious residence is a testament to the melding of contemporary design and timeless elegance. As you approach the home, the façade immediately captures your attention, with its sleek lines, and a harmonious combination of textures and materials. The home is fitted with many thermally broken double-glazed windows and sliding doors that adorn its façade. Each window and door, meticulously manufactured and installed by the esteemed European Window Company., bathes the interior spaces with an abundance of natural light, while simultaneously offering panoramic views of the lush surroundings. The result is a seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor living, allowing residents to savor the picturesque landscape from every corner of the house.

Jack Merlo Toorak Vista Grove smg MG 2064

Upon entering, the grandeur of the residence unfolds before you. The interior exudes a sense of refinement, with high ceilings, bespoke fixtures, and a palette of luxurious materials. The spacious living areas seamlessly flow into one another, with our thermally broken double-glazed windows and sliding doors creating a sense of continuity. The heart of the home features a sprawling gourmet kitchen, ideal for culinary enthusiasts, while the living and dining spaces open onto a vast outdoor terrace. Here, an expansive pool and spa offer the perfect retreat for relaxation and entertaining. Ascending to the rooftop, a private oasis awaits, offering breathtaking vistas of Melbourne's skyline. This house is a testament to Demaine Partnership's commitment to architectural excellence, where every detail has been curated to create a residence that truly defines luxurious living in Toorak. 

 Jack Merlo Toorak Vista Grove smg MG 2002Jack Merlo Toorak Vista Grove smg MG 1978Jack Merlo Toorak Vista Grove smg MG 1152Jack Merlo Toorak Vista Grove smg MG 2031

Architect | Demaine Partnership
Interior Design | David Hicks
Build | Davies Henderson
Fabricator | European Window Co.
System & Supplier | Thermeco 
Photography | Shannon McGrath