What Is Thermal Break?

Here at Thermeco we offer quite an extensive range of window profiles, from aluminium, steel, brass or minimal to thermal or non thermal - the choices are endless.

But let's talk about thermally broken windows. What actually is thermal break?

Thermal break is a reinforced polyamide strip (a non metallic, composite, structural, material) fixed between the inside and outside profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the window frame. The polyamide strip is a material of low thermal conductivity which will minimise the transfer of heat and cold through the window frame, resulting in improved energy efficiency. The polyamide strip will have a HUGE impact in reducing transfer of heat and cold over typical non-thermal profiles. These sections can be anodised or powdercoated to withstand the harsh Australian climate, including UV damage and salt corrosion.

The wider the thermal break, the greater insulation performance .



Our polyamide strips (thermal break) are made in Italy. Thermeco's best performing window systems which fall within our 'Super Thermal Break' range include the EC55TB (bi-fold), EC65TB, EC85TB and EC105TB (Lift & Slide). These reach some of the lowest U-Values on the Australian market.

Thermally Broken windows are a major contribution to sustainable and eco-friendly homes. They help to save money, energy and support the environment. That's why we make 'Windows for meaningful living'.